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Jenis Komik Manga


Отбросы, ワースト

Sinopsis Worst

Worst is a high-impact, gang-related title that deals with teenage boys fighting their way through high school in order to gain respect. There is no room for deceit and underhanded tricks at the notorious High School Suzuran. These young men follow a strict honor code when it comes to brawling, reminiscent of the mafia in the early days. As a “yankii manga,” yankii (ヤンキー) being derived from the English word Yankee but having a different meaning and pronunciation, Worst involves delinquent young men like Hana Tsukishima who are fighting up through the ranks to rule over the entire school.

Status Ongoing Jenis KomikManga KomikusTAKAHASHI Hiroshi Umur Pembaca 13 tahun Format Hitam Putih Konsep Cerita Fantasi Cara Baca Kanan ke Kiri Dirilis: 2002
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